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Allergy Attack and Asthma Attack

     Following simple strategies, you will learn different techniques designed to help lessen or eliminate some of the many irritants that cause allergies and asthma.  By lessening some of these irritants in your environment, you can create what I refer to as a 'free zone' where you can escape some of the toxins that stimulate the respiratory responses of allergy attack and asthma attack.  An area that is clean and fresh where you can retreat to when you need relief, the main goal to at least reduce or even possibly eliminate medications, and yet breathe easier.

     I cannot emphasize enough the importance of creating a 'free zone' in your home. The most logical area to choose would be where you spend the most time.  More than likely that would be the bedroom.  The average person spends approximately one third of their lifetime sleeping.  Someone not working may choose the living or family room, while a work at home person might choose their home office.  Whichever area you choose, this room needs to  be as clean and dust free as possible.

     The best way to start on this is to eliminate CLUTTER.  As we are all well aware, dust mites, pollens, pet dander, chemically treated fibers from clothing and carpeting, all love to settle on books, knickknacks, toys, clothing, furniture, pillows, curtains, windowsills, etc.  In order to create your new sanctuary, you're going to have to get rid of some things, as well as learn how to treat the things that cannot be removed.  This will allow your free zone to be more easily maintained and treated and reduce the negative effects on your breathing from environmental irritants.

     Although the task may seem daunting at first, once you have established your new sanctuary, it will indeed become second nature and you will thank yourself for your new escape area where you can breathe and rest easy.  Utilizing natural allergy relief, many common allergies can be greatly reduced, sometimes even eliminating the need for antihistamines.

     In the following weeks I'll be discussing various methods of treatment involving washing and treating linens, various essential oil treatments, lighting, both sunlight and UV-C, mattresses, carpets vs. wood floors, as well as quick tricks for those busy times when it just isn't possible to maintain your area as well as you should or would like to.  Click on the air quality link below to check the pollen count in your area.  If you would like to see dust mite photos, feel free to click on the bottom link. And don't forget to check the Quick Reminder Chart at the top of the page for helpful hints.



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Please feel free to ask any questions you might have, or share other tips and tricks for combating allergies, asthma, and toxins in our environment with other readers.