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Chia Seed Nutritional Powerhouse Detox Food

     Chia seeds are a great way to detox your body.  Full of vitamins and  antioxidants, these amazing seeds deliver nutrients directly to the cells.  Their gelling properties allow them to hold water aiding hydration.  Chia seeds swell to nine times their original size when added to liquid. And yes, chia was the seed used to grow chia pets.  Unfortunately, no one knew the potency of the seeds or they would have been eating them instead of growing them for the novelty.  The Aztecs carried a pouch of chia seeds when running as their sole nutritional support.  They provided them with stamina and endurance to travel for many miles.  There's so many great things to say about chia, where does one begin? Antioxidants, vitamins, strength, fiber, energy, detox, etc., and the list goes on:

Essential fatty acids reduce high blood pressure for cardiovascular health.

Stabilize blood sugar levels for diabetics.

Anti-inflammatory properties reduce pain caused by inflammation for arthritics.

Boost metabolism and promote lean muscle mass.

Essential fatty acids improve brain function through efficient nerve transmission.

Regular consumption improves stamina and endurance.

Rid the digestive tract of toxins by collecting them and carrying them away.

Enhance hydration and retain electrolytes present in body fluids.

High protein for healthy hair, skin, and nails.

     There's nothing magical about chia seeds when it comes to weight loss.  Quite simply, the bulk of this very low calorie food gives you a feeling of fullness, while also helping to regulate blood sugar levels avoiding food cravings caused by sugar spikes highs and lows.
     Since they're really quite tasteless, chia seeds can be added to just about anything you eat.  Smoothies, cereals, salsas, yogurt, salads, soups, and dips.  Add them to muffins, pancakes, breads and cakes for extra nutrition.   They can even replace oils or butter in baked goods.  Just mix one tablespoon of chia with 9 tablespoons of water.  Stir to prevent clumping and wait 15 minutes for it to gel.  Measure the same amount you would normally have used of butter or oil and substitute the chia gel in your recipe.    

--Chia Seed Facts:

                                           2.5 times more protein than kidney beans  
                               3 times the antioxidant strength of blueberries
                               3 times more iron than spinach
                               6 times more calcium than milk
                               7 times more vitamin C than oranges
                               8 times more omega-3 than salmon
                              10 times more fiber than rice
                              15 times more magnesium than broccoli


                      And in case you're still more interested in watching chia seed grow rather that eating it:

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