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UV Sanitation to Kill Germs, Molds and Dust Mites

     UV sanitation is becoming a powerful tool against many types of germs, molds and even dust mites.  UV sanitizing wands can be especially useful in an office environment against SBS,  "Sick Building Syndrome' when used on chairs, desks, keyboards, and smaller areas of carpets around the desk.  Most of the skepticism surrounding this technology stems from the fact that results are not seen, but can only be assumed.  Now that there are many products on the market widely available to the average consumer, reports are rolling in of people with respiratory illnesses attesting to its effectiveness. People with dust mite allergies, asthma, bronchitis, and COPD, are getting results; breathing and sleeping more easily.

     Why is this?  Because UV sanitizing lights have now been proven to kill germs including bacteria and viruses, molds, dust mites, even some fungi.  If you're still having doubts, check out this Fox News video where they actually grow cultures from swabs taken around their office and test the Verilux CleanWave UV Wand on them.  Plug in wall units are available as well for continuous air cleaning to fight germs and prevent infections.

     So whether you're fighting allergies and asthma, colds or influenzas, UV lights can be beneficial. The wands come in different sizes, both for home use as well as travel.  Here are some examples of wands available in various sizes:


     All of these UV wands can be used for killing dust mites or germs.  Larger one's are more practical for killing dust mites in mattresses, as you can cover a larger area at one time.  Travel UV wands are perfect for use in hotel rooms and offices. I've even heard of some people using the smaller version when eating at a restaurant, waving their magic wand across flatware, dishes and condiments.  I suppose it wouldn't be a bad idea in areas of flu outbreaks.  I guess I'll never know if they bring it with them to the restroom or not.  Well, at any rate, you might kill off a few cold germs headed your way.

     When using the wand on mattresses or upholstered furniture, you will need to keep it horizontal.  These products have built in safety features which prevent you from turning them sideways or holding them vertically, as the UV light bulb will turn off automatically. This is to prevent the user from directing the light towards their eyes.  UV lights are for killing things and they do this by disrupting DNA and preventing the organisms from reproducing.  Just like sunlight burns your skin, so can artificial UV lighting products. Therefore, this is one product where it is very important to read the manufacturer's instructional materials that come with it to avoid needless injury.   You should also never hold small objects in your hand when passing the wand across them to prevent injury to your skin.

     Another great product for mattresses and upholstery is the Verilux sanitizing portable vacuum. You can view this type below and there are other sizes and types available.  The great thing about these products is that they are also mini vacuums and suck up the dust, dead skin, and dust mite debris, while UV sanitizing all at the same time.  You could even use these to treat a small area of carpet around the bed.  There are several vacuums with UV lighting available now, though some can be quite pricey.  You can read about their effectiveness here in an Ohio research study. All research seems to point to two things.  When UV light is used in conjunction with the suction power of a vacuum the effect is greater than the use of just one or the other. Also, the slower the pass you make, the more organisms destroyed.

     So in conclusion to today's article, I would say these products produce excellent results when used properly for the right intentions.  They are not toys, though, and should not be used by children.  Some people wear goggles with UV protection as an added safety precaution.  Be sure to check the Quick Reminder Chart at the top of the page for more helpful hints. 



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