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Breathe Fresh Air with a Salt Lamp made of Himalayan Sea Salt Crystals

The soft glow of the Himalayan salt lamp lends an air of tranquility and peace to your home atmosphere while cleaning the air for  easier breathing.      Who would have thought you could clean your indoor air with salt and help prevent allergy and asthma attacks? Well you can.  But not just any salt. Himalayan pink sea salt is the one you want.   Salt crystal lamps have been used therapeutically for years.  Millions of years old and free of modern man's contaminates, Himalayan sea salt is the most pristine salt on our planet.   Himalayan pink sea salt lamps are widely available at a very reasonable cost. They are carved out of Himalayan salt crystals and formed into lamps or candle holders.  When warmed by a low wattage bulb or candle the sea salt releases negative ions. When positively charged particles come in contact with these negative ions, dust particles fall out of the air, purifying the air we breathe.  They work against allergens, pet dander, smoke, pollen, and other air pollutants while naturally fighting odors. Another great benefit of these salt lamps is they don't produce the abundance of ozone produced by electric ionizing air purifiers.  Some types of ionizing machines have even been banned in some states.

The warmth of the Himalayan pink salt candle holder promotes an air of tranquility as well as cleansing the indoor air of your home.     An average sized salt lamp will freshen the air in a 50-100 square foot area.  You can either buy several salt lamps or candle holders or simply place one in the area you frequent the most.  This could be near a computer or television, at your bedside or put one on your desk at work. The soft, pink glowing light emitted by the salt lamp or candle promotes a sense of calm and tranquility, while at the same time providing you with clean fresh air to breathe easier. The salt lamp may be left on at night and the light emitted is very subtle. If you should find the light bothersome at night when retiring, just turn the lamp on a few hours before bedtime to clean the air. You could even put it on a timer.  They come in a vast array of sizes and shapes. Some even come with dimmer switches and lavender essential oil and a dish to place it in so that you can enjoy the tranquil health benefits of essential oils.  The book above tells all about the benefits of pink himalayan sea salt lamps and clicking on it will take you to amazon.com for a preview.

     If you prefer candles, you can still enjoy the benefits of the himalayan sea salt.  Candle holders come in all shapes and sizes.  If you have allergies or asthma I recommend only burning beeswax candles in the salt holders to avoid chemical vapors.  The beeswax also adds a pleasant scent to the room.  The assortment of lamps and candles below all come with free shipping.

     Still skeptical?  If you're still having doubts, just try one or the other.  If nothing else you will have a beautiful light.  If you want to know for certain if they are doing their job, you can tell after a few weeks.  These are things you will never have to dust.  Himalayan salt lamps and salt candle holders never get dusty no matter how long you set them out. This is because they are constantly repelling dust particles. Just see for yourself.  And another test. After turning the salt lamp or lighting the candle for a few hours, just breathe the air around it...fresh as an ocean breeze. Now all you need is an ocean sound machine to hear the waves and drift off peacefully to sleep.  Be sure to check the Quick Reminder Chart at the top of the page for helpful hints.



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