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Earthing: Grounding Ourselves to Mother Earth to Improve Our Health

Earthing, the process of grounding oneself by walking barefoot in the grass or on a sandy beach neutralizes free radicals in our bodies and provides many other health benefits.

     So now that you've decided to go with a healthy, organic lawn after reading about the benefits in last week's article, you're ready to learn about the health benefit of grounding oneself.   Stepping on the ground barefoot electrically balances you.   Ever wonder why strolling along a sandy beach seems to energize you.  The same thing happens when you walk barefoot through the grass.  This is also known as 'Earthing'.  So kick off those shoes and let Mother Earth ground you and restore your natural energy and well-being.

     Earthing balances the electrons in your body.  Grounding yourself may also minimize the consequences of disruptive electrical fields known as 'electromagnetic pollution' or 'dirty electricity'.  When you are barefoot, free electrons flow from the surface of the earth throughout your body, extinguishing free radicals along the way.

The earth=a free radical neutralizer=a powerful antioxidant

     Historically, humans went barefoot most of the time.  And when shoes were worn, they were made of natural materials such as animal skins which can conduct electricity.  Shelters and 'homes' were made with dirt floors. It's only in modern times, when synthetic materials were developed, that we are no longer naturally grounded on a regular basis.  Shoes constructed with plastic and rubber soles and synthetic flooring materials such as carpets and linoleums, prevent direct physical contact with the Earth.  This in turn prevents us from reaping the many benefits of nature's electrical balance.  We are not grounded when traveling by airplanes, boats or automobiles either. The only time we are really grounded in these modern times is when we are in the shower or bathtub, and only then, when metal plumbing is used.

     Some studies on the health effects of grounding claim reduced stress, better quality of sleep, reduced inflammation and pain, reduced allergy symptoms, and even improved viscosity of the blood and reduced cortisol levels,  for preventing disease.  You can research these studies for yourself at  Earthing Institute.

     Several variations on grounding oneself during sleep are available.   From a simple, inexpensive anti-static wrist strap to the more expensive conductive grounding sheets and mattress pads. There are also pads to place under your feet during time spent at a computer. All of these are either plugged into a grounded outlet in your home or office or wired to a copper rod placed in the ground.

     Whatever method you might choose, the simplest method is to just go barefoot whenever possible and at no cost to you.  That might be when doing yard work, a fun afternoon at the beach or even exercising while barefoot in the grass.  Grass is  more conductive in the morning because of the dew.  Or just go for a dip in a lake or the ocean to immediately wash away all the negative energy in your body and regain that invigorating sense of balance and harmony with our planet. Even a few minutes to an hour a day is better than never being grounded at all.  Try it for yourself. You might be surprised at how much better you feel.

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